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XYNEXUS™ Mini Electric Heater

XYNEXUS™ Mini Electric Heater

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 Introducing our Mini Electric Heater for Room - Winter Warm Timing, a powerful and portable solution for keeping your space cozy.

Application for spaces <10㎡. Electric heater type is fan heater. Power is <800w. Suitable for bedroom use. Portable installation. 
Hardware: Heating element is PTC. Area heated is <20㎡. Adjustable thermostat function.
Other: Voltage (V) is 220V.
Portable Room Heater: Small in size and light in weight, making it convenient for use at home, office, or school.
Durable Design: Crafted from high-quality ABS material for durability and a long service life.
Highly Recommended: Recognized as a high-quality heating appliance suitable for both home and office. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Power Supply Mode: USB cable-powered, providing the flexibility to charge your mobile phone or other devices.

Enhance your comfort during the colder seasons with our Mini Electric Heater for Room - a reliable and efficient heating solution.

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